Classes & Sessions

The sessions are designed to help to clear, align, balance & recharge your energetic body.
To activate the body’s natural flow.
 Each session is unique and  consist of a short consultation,
Guided meditation ,Healing treatment & intuitive psychic insight.
We will also have a short conversation where we can discuss the experience.
sharing which areas I have worked on and suggest Pragmatic, Productive tips on how to move forward & maintain your energy.

The Gong bath is an ancient type of sound therapy that has been practised for thousands of years.

The term “Bath” signifies being bathed in sound-waves.

“ There’s no water involved”

Fully clothed, you lay comfortably on a yoga matt with warm blanket for

 60 minutes being cocooned 

in Sonic immersion.

The sound waves run through the whole of the body releasing emotional blocks.

 Healing any physical aches and pains & decluttering the mind.

kundalini yoga 🧘‍♀️ 
Kundalini yoga is ancient science technology.
With a dynamic blend of simple postures ,Breathing techniques mantra & meditation.
 Which teaches as the art of relaxation,self healing and mental elevation.
It is regarded as one of the fastest working yoga’s in bring about change in the body, mind and spirit.
Kundalini yoga is for everyone regardless of their age or physical ability you don’t have to be flexible or fit.
All you need is a open mind, a desire to improve your life- to become the best version of your self.
Kundalini yoga will help you cope with challenges and stress of life.
It will help you deal with difficult emotions and health issues such as, fear, anxiety, stress, depression, digestive problems.
A deep security with in is established and thus sense of inner peace is restored.
Kundalini yoga will leave you feeling energised, lighter and inspired.