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Lifecoaching Testimonials “Just over a year ago, I started to suffer from panic attacks and anxiety. This affected everything I did in both my personal and professional life. It was around this time that I met Georgina and discovered a way through the nightmare that had become part of my daily routine. Georgina gave me the tools to work things through and helped me gain control and live in the here and now.

Meditation is now part of my everyday life and gives me a sense of calm… I’m in such a better place than I was a year ago coping with life and the challenges it brings. I would absolutely recommend Georgina as a life coach and look forward to more sessions in the future.”

Jojo from Bristol


Before I started my Access Bars treatment with Georgina I was emotionally and physically confused. I have suffered from both physical and mental issues for many years.

I went to my first session only knowing a small amount of information about the Access Bars therapy. I was made to feel completely welcomed and relaxed by Georgina’ s naturally warm and soft nature. Georgina explained exactly what the treatment is, how it would be carried out and what I could expect from the sessions. This made me feel confident and gave me complete trust and faith in Georgina’s knowledge and ability to perform the treatment.

During all the sessions I felt relaxed, safe and at peace even when I had a physical or emotional reaction I stayed calm and comfortable.
I experienced many different physical sensations, such as muscle heaviness and aches, tingling, flickering eyes, pressure on different areas of my body and a lump in my throat. I also experienced mental visions, feelings of clarity and insight but mainly words would come into my mind. For example, during a session I physically felt a heaviness on my chest and a lump in my throat accompanied by a vision of people sat round a large table chatting and the word ‘communication’. I believe that these are all signs from my spirit telling me through the treatment that due to being bullied as a child and then being in a violent relationship that I have an unwanted pattern of not listening or speaking my truth.

Part of the treatment process that I experienced was the emotional detox and changes in my thinking patterns after every session. These were –
1st session – Emotionally unravelling, Angry, confused, frustrated, irrational, Irritable.
2nd session- Still quick to react with anger but gaining some recognition and control over the emotion, seeing different choices, recognising different emotions in myself, seeing things more clearly, more patience, moments of feeling calm, starting to hear and speak my truth, less feelings of guilt.
3rd session- Physically able to do yoga and walking the dog, less negative feelings, making different choices, being able to verbally express my feelings, more in control, moments of excitement, eating healthier and sleeping less.
4th session- More open to myself and new possibilities, feelings of enlightenment and a stronger spiritual awareness and connection to myself, feeling more confident in myself, taking action and control.

I have tried many different types of therapy but found the modality of this healing extremely helpfull. It’s helped me to recognise and reshape unwanted and unhelpful behaviour patterns, making way for new ones.

The treatment has helped change many areas of my life but the biggest change for me is how I feel inside. I feel calm and more in control of my life, I’m able to see things more clearly without old thought patterns getting in the way and I’m actively listening to my spirit. I have a wider view of the world and the choices available to me.

There is absolutely nothing missing from the treatment or Georgina’s ability as a healer. However due to my deep rooted issues i feel that I would need more sessions to set new behaviour patterns in stone.

I would most definitely recommend this treatment to a family member/friend/colleague as I have complete faith in the therapy but I would also highly recommend that Georgina carries out the healing as she truely is one of the most spiritual, compassionate and insightful healers I have had the pleasure of receiving a treatment from.

Forever thankful

Tree 2Life coaching Testimonials “Im sending a real heartfelt thanks to you Georgina. I came to you in a bit of a mess really, having just left the Royal Navy. I was used to being in a regimented routine and not really being able to have choice, life suddenly became complicated. You immediately put me at ease and started to give me the tools to dissect my life, make informed choices, boost my own self esteem and put myself back on the right track. I feel so much better after spending 6 weeks of soul searching. It wasn’t hard to make my life a more positive place to be. I just needed your expert guidance.

I recommend anybody to come and see Georgina, she will make you feel so much better when you walk out at the end.”

Laura from Gosport


“I was really happy when George told me that she could offer me some heart centered healing through Rehanni healing. It’s been a tough few years with illness and instability and I know I’m fine connecting to my logical mind, but was becoming conscious that  I wasn’t that in tune with my heart – it’s a scarier place to connect with! I’ve tried a few different things to connect back in, but was still not really getting there.

Since George’s distant healings with Rehanni I’ve actually felt an instant change. My heart is more open. I have more energy and feel more balanced, much more ready to see the positives. I actually feel positive, which I haven’t done for a long, long time. I also have loads of energy which I certainly didn’t have before. I’m really grateful for George’s marvellous healing!

I feel like the best version of myself again. It’s such a gentle, but so significant a change. And friends and family have remarked on the positive change. My whole outlook on life is more upbeat and I’ve got the energy I need to do things that I just didn’t have before.”

Sabina from London

Georgie 6“I was struggling quite considerably with my timekeeping. My husband is out of the house from before 06:00 and not back until gone 19:00. I have two children (both who attend clubs in the evenings four days per week) and a couple of part time jobs. Life can be a little chaotic!

Some days, I felt as though I was not achieving anything and failing at all tasks. Georgina changed that perception and gave me some self-belief. Through various techniques that she taught me, she gave me a new perspective and positive outlook on life which allowed me to manage my time more effectively. I feel less stressed and more organised.

She also introduced some dietary changes that have made me feel so much better – inside and out! She is always a calming influence and has a knack of instilling a positive attitude every time I see her.”

Clare from Gosport

Scenic 4“Georgina recommended her services to me as a life coach at a point in time when I was at a very difficult point in my life.

She taught me how to look at individual aspects of my life and focus on how I wanted it to be. By breaking things down in this way, my life became more manageable and I became less overwhelmed. Her work with me over the six sessions, particularly in terms of my goals and aspirations for my job, wellbeing and self-worth, have had a dramatic effect on my state of mind and how I feel at work.

She has been very effective in guiding me to reflect and set myself focussed goals that have really helped me think about my life in terms of both how I live it and what I feel I deserve to get out of it.

The work we have done has already had a dramatic impact on my job in terms of how I feel valued there and the self-led developments within my role. The life coaching has also helped me to rediscover the real me and get me to the point where I feel confident in the new positive chapter I am starting in my life.

I can truly say I would not be where I am now if it were not for the coaching sessions I have had with Georgina.”

Helen, Southampton

“Working with Georgina and ‘Brighter Futures’ has helped on a personal and professional level.
Georgina’s life coaching and mentoring has helped me personally to understand myself and about the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ life may throw at us but also to see life more deeply. She is very thorough, with a holistic approach, but not circumspect in the way of looking at your life. In Georgina’s mentoring she has strength and intuition to cope with all that I spoke to her about. She encompassed physical and emotional wellbeing in both personal and professional life. Knowledge and motivation by life- coaching can put you in the driving seat. It can empower people to take control.
At one time I struggled with thinking about trying to change there and then ‘bad’ habits or habits that are not helpful to me. Georgina explained this is not something you can change overnight, habits may lie deep and need work on changing them, she noticed my thinking, and made me aware, with integrity and understanding. Finding freedom from unhelpful thoughts is not always easy but there is a way forward. I am motivated and understand the commitment involved to achieve this. Another highlight of the course however did come easily or seemingly easily! This is finding I have come full circle with my true ambition of teaching! I discovered this may realistically be fulfilled in my professional life. Sometimes women (speaking as a women), can become lost in family life, giving all to their children. We are all individuals needing identity and nourishment: emotional, mental and physical. The role of being a mum/parent is so crucial for children, however, let us not forget ourselves.
Georgina is a focused person. She holds a deep understanding and empathy with people. She has strength and intuition. Not wavering from her focus even when I did!
If you decide to work with her, be open minded. Wait to hear. Listen well. Ask questions. You will be heard.
Now I am on a journey…..I can see and facilitate good physical and mental health.”

Dawn, Hampshire

Working with Georgie has helped me in so many ways. Last November I walked bent and slowly, due to my back injury, but Georgie has inspired me to change this. I stopped eating cakes, sweets, sugar, and all caffeine drinks. I stopped taking the cocktail of drugs I had been using for 20 years. I started going to the gym regularly so that now I have lost weight, walk upright and proud, and sleep better.
All this has made it possible to enjoy life much more, to have much more self confidence and self belief.
Georgie is a great mentor. She never judges, never questions, she coaxes out of you what you want from the process, then shows you how to go and achieve it. She is always calm and that resonates into her surroundings so that you always feel at peace. She is a great listener, and that is difficult to achieve.
The highlights were every time I spent with Georgie. She is so inspirational. I never struggled because she always guided and mentored me.
Just do it. She is very good, kind, and non-judgemental. She listens, she guides.