The Ultimate Health shift workshops

Detox Spring workshop 2019



The Group Workshops are for anyone who is interested in improving their spiritual growth in mind, body and soul.

It is a fun packed day, filled with laughter and enjoyment.

SPRING is the perfect time to destress and declutter all that no-longer serve us.

Refresh and revitalise with brand new intentions for the year.

Come and join us in the beautiful tranquil setting in Bosham wear the energy is completely blissful.

We will start the day at 

9 am with Kundadance

KundaDance is a 60 minute high-intensity, fun, uplifting, cardio, dance workout.

It’s a creative movement class combining kundalini yoga,Thai chi & Qi Gong.

KundaDance takes you on a journey through the chakras actively aligning your body, mind and spirit.

It’s an amazing modality to shake away fears & insecurity, and cultivating more energy & vibrancy in your life.

Break Time : for vegan & Gluten-free light bites.

Followed by kundalini yoga and meditation.

Kundalini yoga is over 5000 years old and is often called the mother of all yoga or the yoga of awareness.

It is a dynamic blend of posture, breathing, Mantra and meditation, which teaches you the art of relaxation, self healing and mental elevation.

It is regarded as one of the fastest working yoga’s in bring about change in the body mind and spirit.

Kundalini yoga is for everyone regardless of their age or physical ability you don’t have to be flexible or fit.

All you need is a open mind, a desire to improve your life- to become the best version of your self.

Kundalini yoga will help you cope with challenges and stress of life.

It will help you deal with difficult emotions and health issues such as, fear, anxiety, stress, depression, digestive problems.

A deep security with in is established and thus sense of inner peace is restored.

Kundalini yoga will leave you feeling energised, lighter and inspired.

Finally we will relax with the The Bath Gong! 

The sound and vibrational energy of gongs is an ancient and powerful tool used to help still the mind and allow the body to deeply relax. In this state, we can begin to process and release blocks, and come to deep physical relaxation.”



For myself the detox workshop was a truly amazing experience. I didn’t know what to expect but I always try to go with whatever reactions my body and mind give. I’m relatively new to Kundalini yoga and with me it was love at first class, it is now part of my life and the benefits I’ve felt physically and mentally are incredible. On the detox day I had the chance to try Kundadance and found it invigorating and energising whilst bringing a contented peacefulness.
During meditation at the end of the session I felt a huge popping sensation at my throat chakra which made me cry and release emotion that has been stored for a while that needed to shift to help balance me. Very powerful.
Today , after sleeping like a log I feel calm peaceful and totally relaxed a blissful feeling.
I for one will be doing more, it’s the best.
Thank you Georgie for helping me on my journey xxx


I’ve been looking forward to the retreat day for weeks. But when the day came I was feeling delicate emotionally and physically and truthfully felt more akin to hiding out than being with people.

However I’ve practised kundalini long enough now to realise that when I have a sense of stagnancy anywhere it’s an indication of an aspect on myself calling for my loving attention. Georgie embodies a deep sense of love and peace in her teachings. She welcomes you ‘as is’ and in that is an inherent safety. You can simply be who you are in that moment and whatever you’re feeling is as normal, healthy and purposeful for you right now as the bodily function of a sneeze.

I began the day clutching on to my vulnerability like an infant holding onto their security blanket all wrapped around their face on their first day of Nursey. I left skipping with it swinging lovingly in my hand, eager to experience this again! I felt uplifted, hopeful and accepting of myself and touched by the kindness and beauty of others.

The venue was pretty, tranquil and embued with light. There was a welcoming and warm atmosphere between everyone and playful nervous giggles at the anticipation of the day as many people hadn’t experienced all practises before.

The day was perfectly laid out to maximise the benefits of each spiritual practice. Kundadance is like an active meditative dance enhanced by music vibrating at frequencies to support your every move; followed by kundalini yoga which fanned the flames sparked from the dance culminating in deeply primed state all warmed up to meditate which was illuminated by the gong bath. It was like the whole day was moving things from your depths to either release or empower to the fore. What ‘you’ needed most.

A truly transformational day!
I laughed, cried, vented, released and embraced. I felt radiant like a well polished precious stone after. I’m already looking forward to whatever the next retreat Georgie creates!


I attended Georgie’s spring detox workshop last Sunday and was not disappointed. I had not practiced Kundadance, Kundalini yoga or attend a gong bath before so did not know what to expect. I did not google, as I wanted an element of discovery for myself. I had been under a lot of recent stress and was looking for something that would calm my mind and replace some equilibrium in my life.

Georgie was very welcoming on arrival as were fellow yogis.  We had an opportunity to meet each other by offering positive affirmations, a lovely way to start the day feeling good about you!

We started the morning with Kundadance opening the 7 chakras and energising the body. The practice was inclusive of all level of fitness, and experience and provedexhilarating. Georgie emanated positive energy throughout the practice and the day.

Following this we made good use of an exceptionally sunny day for the time of the year in the gardens for a mid morning vegan snack. The garden was a sanctuary of calm and relaxation – a perfect venue,and time to get to know each other better.

The Kundalini yoga practice was gentle – felt more the day after. I was unfamiliar with this type of yoga but Georgie’s instructions were clear and easy to follow.  This led seamlessly to meditation and gong bath. I can honestly say I have never ever felt so relaxed. The chant that we sung felt spiritual, uplifting and definitely calmed my mind. For the first time in months I felt able to focus my mind without a head full of chatter. The gong bath took me into a deeper meditative state of relaxation – absolutely amazing.

Since the workshop I have felt much calmer, more relaxed and motivated. I will definitely book onto another workshop and if I can get to Gosport some Kundadance.