Yoga for Autism & Special needs

1B549D5F-07DA-4810-8285-F71B593AAE3C3AD56736-1D4E-48CA-AE7A-1F41F4665271Why is yoga a great tool for children on the spectrum and with other special needs — and their caregivers?
Yoga offers specific healthcare benefits to children with autism and other challenges. Simple yoga stretches and breathing techniques are expected to improve:

  • Body awareness

  • Flexibility

  • Stress management techniques — learning the cues of stress so they can self-regulate

  • Coordination and balance

  • Social interaction

  • Self-confidence

  • Physical strength

Yoga is a perfect fit for the healthcare needs of this population — physical, social, and emotional. Yoga can incorporate deep pressure, repetition, relaxation, body awareness, visual cues, and visualization. Very simply, yoga is a good fit because it’s intuitive and fun — kids love yoga.¬† And that provides a wonderful starting point from which to offer its healing benefits.E1FB97C2-1822-4217-8A23-EF17608F8A36